Private Face Yoga class

Private Face Yoga class


AZAHARA YOGA STUDIOS are located in Stoke Newington very close to Clissold Park (N16).

We teach different styles of yoga: Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Aerial, trapeze, face yoga, HITT, power yoga, nidra yoga and restorative yoga.

We hold Private yoga classes and small group classes (sometimes ladies only classes).

The Principle of Face Yoga is based on how the face has muscles as the rest of the body and as you can work the muscles of your body to have a fit healthy looking body, the same applies to your face. Working out the muscles of your face and bringing awareness to our facial habits can dramatically improve the fine lines of our face and to define or jaw or even our eyes.

In this class you will learn new techniques to work out the muscles of your face and smooth of those wrinkles. Face Yoga is the natural alternative to botox.

Only in few sessions you will be able to see the results.

I will share with your tips of what to do at home to help your face and skin to look it best.

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