Schedule Aerial yoga class

Schedule Aerial yoga class

aerial yoga schedule:
aerial yoga schedule

Aerial/ trapeze yoga is the best type of yoga to work gently with your body. It helps you to stretch your body and to quiet your mind. It brings your inner child alive and after the class you will feel regenerated and overall positive and in fantastic good spirits.

Group Aerial Yoga class.

All levels.

In Stoke Newington N16.


SAT 2nd April at 4.30pm

SUN 3rd April at 1.15pm

FRI 8th April at 12.45pm

SUN 10th April at 5.30pm

WED 13th April at 5.45pm Family Aerial Yoga

SAT 16th April at 4.30pm

WED 20th April at 5.45pm Family Aerial Yoga

SUN 24th April at 5.15pm

THU 28th April at 12.15pm

SAT 30th April at 4.45pm


MON 2nd May sat 12.30pm

TUE 3rd May at 12.30pm

FRI 6th May at 12.45pm

SAT 7th May at 4pm

SUN 8th May at 18.45pm

SAT 14th May at 4pm

SUN 15th May at 3.15pm

SUN 15th May at 19.45pm

TUE 17th May at 12.30pm

THU 19th May at 11.30am

SAT 21st May at 4pm

SUN 22nd May at 3.45pm

SUN 22nd May at 5.15pm

SUN 22nd May at 20.45pm

SAT 28th May at 4pm

SUN 29th May at 5.15pm

SUN 29th May at 21.15pm


THU 2nd June at 12.30pm

SAT 4th June at 4pm

SUN 5th June at 11.30am

SAT 11tht June at 4.45pm

SUN 12th June at 11.30am

SAT 18th June at 4pm

SUN 19th June at 11.30am

SUN 19th June at 1pm

SAT 25th June at 4pm

SUN 26th June at 3.30pm

SUN 26th June at 5.15pm

SUN 26th June at 21.15pm


SAT 2nd July at 4pm

SUN 3rd July at 11.30am

SUN 3rd July at 1pm

FRI 8th July 8.15pm

SUN 10th July at 11.30am

SUN 10th July at 1pm

SAT 16th July at 4pm

SUN 17th July at 10.30am

SUN 17th July at 4pm

SAT 23rd July at 4.45pm

SUN 24th July at 11.30am

SUN 24th July at 1pm

SAT 30th July at 4pm

SAT 30th July at 5.30pm

SUN 31st July at 21.30pm

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