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Best Yoga Instructor in London

Based in Stoke Newington (London), at Azahara Yoga, we provide top yoga classes for almost everyone: young and old, ladies and gentlemen, yoga experts, beginners and anywhere in-between. Our classes are active, stimulating, hot and sweaty, and yes, fun. The result is a better you – a more mindful and healthy version of yourself that can achieve anything you desire. 

Azahara is the head of AZAHARA YOGA. She is a qualified YOGA ALLIANCE teacher and has been teaching in London for more than a year. Her journey with yoga started more than 10 years ago in London.

She has been trained in aerial skills and pole dance and she brings that knowledge into her yoga classes and trapeze yoga classes.

For any questions you may have about our classes or our yoga instructors, please give us a call on 07598987293.

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Don't put off the decision to feel good. We offer several kinds of classes – and if you are a total beginner, don’t worry! Our experts will make you comfortable. Enrol in one of our classes and see the difference that yoga can make in your life, no matter how fast and stressful it may be. However; please consult your doctor if you have had a history of heart disease or any kind of serious physical injury before booking. Your safety is our top priority.

Yoga and yogasanas

Yoga comprises several body postures, which are called yogasanas in Sanskrit. Many people practice pranayama as part of their yogic exercise. In pranayama, people sit cross-legged on the ground and concentrate on their breathing. This form of yoga imparts people with day-long energy and calmness. Several yogasanas like halasana and shirshasana help people battle minor ailments like indigestion, mental stress, backache etc. While yoga cannot replace traditional treatment techniques, we find it can be an excellent complement to existing medications and treatments.

One day yoga retreats

Inmerse yourself in one day yoga retreat and feel the full experience of yoga, meditation, vegan food, mindfulness and peace in London.

Our one day yoga retreats are held at AZAHARA YOGA STUDIO in Stoke Newington (London, N16).

The duration of the retreats is 4 hours. 

Share the space with likeminded people and inmerse yourself in an unforgettable experience within London.

For more information about the retreats, please contact us.


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Price List



A quick and happy online yoga practise to keep you up and going.

For days you really want to do yoga but your time is tight.

Classes open for all levels.

The aim of the class is to do a quick light yoga session that will lift you up.

You can benefit from a complete yoga session in a short period of time to keep you up and moving.

FLOW YOGA - 45 minutes


In this online yoga class you will let your body and mind to move following your breathing in a beautiful and steady flow.

This class is for people who have already done some yoga before, however beginners are very welcome too.

The aim of the class is to move in between yoga postures with a constant flow, dancing like.

While flowing we focus on the now and keep or mind still allowing us to ground and be present.

In this class you will benefit from gentle stretches and a movement meditation which will bring peace to your heart and mind while working out in a dance/yoga like style. A time to take off your day and devote for yourself.



The perfect relaxing online yoga class to do at the end of the day to ground yourself and bring peace to your mind and body.

A class designed for all levels.

With this class you will come to your present moment living the now, relaxing your mind and body.

This class will bring you a quiet and peaceful state of body of mind to let you have a lovely end of the day and beautiful rest. 



During these online yoga classes we will focus on the muscles of our glutes. We will mix yoga with training exercises to build up those muscles and get a beautiful lift up buttocks.

This class is open for everyone.

The aim of the class is to build up the muscles of your glutes.

Benefit from a lift up buttocks while working out your core and legs. 

HATHA YOGA- 60 minutes


Come for a classic all levels 60 minutes of Hatha Yoga online class.

The aim is to get your body practising yoga for one hour while your mind rests and meditates.

Benefit from getting a stronger immunity, weight loss, increase your bone density, improve your core strength and get healthy and glowing skin. 

YIN YOGA- 60 minutes


Yin yoga is a slow paced style of yoga designed to hold specific yoga poses for longer periods of time that work your YIN side.

This type of online yoga class is open for everyone.

The aim of this type of yoga is to slow day your mind and body.

It targets connective tissues including fascia, bones and joints. It reduces stress and increases circulation, balancing internal organs and improving the flow of prana. 


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