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Azahara is a fantastic teacher and instills confidence, even to beginners like me. Her class was really fun and enjoyable, yet I felt like I had had a ...Read more

Apr 19, 2023
clare lazaro

A wholesome, exciting class and a lovely end to a busy week

Mar 6, 2023
Kirstie Smith

Loved the class and the teacher. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time ever doing any kind of yoga and love it and will be back! Totally recommend it!

Feb 20, 2023
Tânia Tomé

Lovely experience!

Feb 19, 2023
Claire L

The user didn't attach his comment to the review.

Dec 13, 2022
Jennifer Tumbridge

Azahara is a great teacher, she guided me through aerial yoga, had done it a couple of times only before, it was great fun! She is very knowledgeable and ...Read more

Nov 21, 2022
Elodie Amiand

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