HIIT YOGA - 45 minutes

HIIT YOGA - 45 minutes

HIIT YOGA - 45 minutes
per class

In this online class you will do a quick workout of 20 minutes that will speed your heart rate (and that means after the class you will continue burning calories). After the HIIT yoga class we will do stretching and meditation for 25 minutes.

This class is challenging: We will mix yoga, pilates and workout for short intervals of time for 3 rounds.

This class is for any level of students who want to have an energetic class.

The aim of this class is to have a proper long workout in a very short period of time. For days when we are very busy but we still want to do our work out.

You will benefit from a complete full body work out in a very short period of time. If you are looking into losing weight, HIIT classes are a good option as you keep burning calories even after the class has finished.

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